Visual LandPro 2000 Features

  • LandPro Database

    VLP2000 data resides in popular Visual Foxpro 9.0 databases. VLP2000-SQL stores its data in SQL2012 databases.

    VLP databases are stored on your own server, unless you prefer us to host your data. You can access your VLP2000 / VLP2000-SQL information via the internet using Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix, Remote Desktop, Logmein, JUMP (Apple), and other remote access programs.

  • Powerful yet Intuitive

    Modeled after Microsoft Office, VLP2000 and VLP2000-SQL are easy-to-use, powerful, yet intuitive and proven-useful land management systems. The "canned" reports are well laid out, most are customizable by the end-user, can be viewed, printed, exported to Excel in most cases.

  • Import From Excel

    VLP also allows you to quickly IMPORT BROKER DATA (lease / tract ownership data / and related) thanks to its optional LANDPRO EXPRESS IMPORT” MODULE. This module allows you to import data using a special multi-tab page Excel worksheet file.

  • Export to Excel, DBF, Word, XML

    VLP allows you to easily export your LandPro records to Excel thanks to our flexible “snapshot” reports. This includes Name & Addresses, Division Order decks, Payment History, Payment Obligations, and much more. This allows you to quickly and easily provide to your accounting department all the necessary data out of LandPro that they may require – should “integration with your accounting system” become an issue down the road.

    If you need more flexibility in data exporting to Excel and custom reports, then check out the Dilmad Report Writer for VLP, which gives you great power in specifying which tables and fields you wish to extract data from.

  • Generates over 280 Reports

    Our software is powerful, yet intuitive. It generates over 280 reports, including various Exhibit A’s, Acreage Inventories, Payment Obligation Reports, Rental Checks and Receipts, Expense Summaries, Net Revenue Interest Reports, Division Orders, Mining Royalty Payments, and a lot more! Plus, with the DilMad Report Writer you can create your own custom reports as well.

Quick Data Entry Wizards

Setup your leases, tracts and contracts fast! Let Visual LandPro do all the "Dirty work" for you.
Just sit back review, and approve!

Unlimited Number of Working Interest Decks

You can specify as many Working Interest Decks per Lease as you wish. Some Decks may be different due to different ownerships at different depths, or some participating interest changing between before and after payout, or whatever...

Multiple Instances of Entry Forms

You can keep several leases and/or pages of individual records open simultaneously. You can also create all sorts of records "on-the-fly" without having to exit what you were doing first!

Unlimited Special Provisions

You can setup an unlimited number of special provision per lease. Actually, you can set these up in the Lease form, then Visual LandPro can automatically “import” them for you into your new lease. You also have access to various “batch-add” wizards that make data setup a breeze.

Easy Export Capabilities into Excel and Word

Anywhere you can do a "Snapshot" report you can also do an Export to Excel Snapshot. These come in real handy when you want to do some customization to your reports.

Multiple Addresses per Owner

Visual LandPro 2000 Enterprise allows you to setup an unlimited number of addresses and phone numbers per owner. You can also specify which address is to be used for General Correspondence, for Rental Checks, etc…

Ability to do mass Export / Imports from Excel

Give our Excel worksheets to your field brokers. Have them populate these spreadsheets as they take leases or run title. Then 70% of your work will already be done! All you’ll need to do is use the Excel Import feature and you can easily import these worksheets right into Visual LandPro.


When you are editing a record, you can "Save to Favorites" (and even add a note) in order to quickly return to that record at some later time. this is also a great way to assign tasks to do to other end-users.

Various 3rd Party Report Generators

If you're not convinced that Visual LandPro 2000 Enterprise already has most or all reports that you'll ever need, don't panic! Various 3rd party report generators such as CRYSTAL reports, R&R Relational Report Writer, FoxFire!, SDT Reports, etc...

View Only Capabilities

You can purchase additional view-only licenses. Here the end-user can print any report they want. And they can lookup anything. But they cannot make any changes!

“Smart” Lease Data Sheets and other Data Sheets

We have the most comprehensive and easy-to-read data sheets in the industry. Not only you can select the printing sequence of each “data band”, but you can also hide/display them as you please, and do what we call “Data Sheet Status Reports”, where you select only one or two bands, and multiple lease records per page!

Excellent Filter Engine

Easily specify what you want to see and/or work with. Our “regular” filter engine allows you to fill-in-the-blank what you want to see. You can also “save to disk” your “advanced filters” for later quick-retrieval.

Audit Trail System

You can activate this feature to have Visual LandPro automatically record each addition, deletion, and modification that anyone does in the system. It will keep track of who changed what when and where… (big brother is watching!)

Ability to View Lease lists using our innovative HTML (IE7) Rendering Engine

We also allow the end-user the capability to modify the HTML page so that you can “customize” these forms as you please. When in the Lease grid (or most other grids), click the IE5 icon and you’ll see the bottom half of your grid become an active HTML page.

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