We are the leader in Tract-Based, Land Management Software Solutions for Oil, Gas, and Mining Companies (since 1987!). LandPro Express, Visual LandPro, and MapSuite GIS Mapping are designed to simplify your lease management needs. Our software products are powerful, user-friendly, and designed to save you time and money.

If you are active taking new leases, have your field landmen use Landpro Express for their initial data entry! This will allow you to review their work "live" and then import their data when ready. Guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars by minimizing data-entry duplication efforts!

Easily create great-looking maps with our Mapsuite GIS Editor (LandPro Edition), or use our LandPro Plugin for ArcMAP (if you're already using ESRI). Data can be easily exported to Excel and other file formats for all your accounting integration needs. Our services include Software Implementation Planning, Data Imports + Conversions, Training, Special Customizations, and Custom Programming. Click here to request more information or to get an online presentation.